About The Expert Editor

The Expert Editor is an Australian professional editing and proofreading company offering a range of services for academic, book, and business writers.

The Expert Editor is designed to combine quality editing and proofreading with affordability. We employ professional editors and have an exclusively online operation that is efficient and flexible. You can read more about the two key features of our business that make us a great value proposition.

Genesis of the company

The Expert Editor was founded in 2012 by Brendan Brown. A former writer, he used professional editing services and became convinced there was a better way to operate one. We are a fast-growing business, even gathering media coverage in the BRW magazine along the way.

The Expert Editor also has a sister site, Global English Editing, which helps US and international writers achieve their goals.

Community involvement

Our main focus is delivering quality services, but we also value community involvement. In this regard, The Expert Editor sponsored a writing competition for people to outline their vision for the year 2030, and also set up a scholarship program that rewards Australian students who are intent on making a positive contribution to the country.

Australian Scholarship Program The Expert Editor

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